Homes Wanted

At, we keep an eye out for trends to better help you make home buying and selling decisions. The following properties will give you an idea of what kind of buyer’s market you are seeing today.

  1. One Bedroom/Studio < $300,000. Preferably in a good central location, under 10 years old, with parking.
  2. Detached fixer upper. Any detached house that is in rough shape and requiring attention is a hot buy. Investors are ready to buy these homes.
  3. Foreclosures. Homes nearing foreclosure are also popular. Homeowners who don’t want this to appear on their credit report may like to look at selling. Investors are ready to buy your home.

If you are a buyer looking to buy one of these homes, you might find it difficult in your search. For help, see our classifieds/links page to find an agent to speak with.